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Initiative Discovery

The Essential First Step in Your Transformation Journey.

Most businesses have a rough idea of the parts of their business that need improvement, but knowing where to start and developing a practical list of what can be done to improve these areas can sometimes be daunting or require precious time that simply doesn't exist.

Initiative Discovery sessions are the essential first step in the transformation process to lay the foundation for a successful and impactful change. A tailored approach is needed that identifies the specific areas where transformation will yield the greatest benefits.

Through comprehensive assessments such as SWOT, PESTEL, capability maturity evaluations, and customer feedback analysis, critical opportunities for improvement and innovation are uncovered. This discovery phase ensures that every subsequent step in the transformation process is aligned with your strategic goals, addresses your unique challenges, and leverages your strengths.

Ensure that your transformation efforts are focused, strategic, and capable of delivering measurable value by starting with Initiative Discovery. This thorough groundwork allows you to uncover initiatives that will drive significant improvements and position your organization for long-term success.

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Transformation Pipeline

Streamlining continuous improvement for lasting success.

Choosing the right approach to transformation is crucial for ensuring lasting success and growth. The Transformation Pipeline offers a structured, efficient, and reliable pathway to achieve your strategic goals.

Structured Approach: leverage a clear and organised framework for managing change.

Scalable: scale your transformation from one initiative to multiple based on your needs.

Continuous Improvement: remain agile and responsive to market changes.

Resource Optimisation: invest time, money, and effort where they will have the most significant impact.

Risk Management: minimise risks and prevent issues from escalating.

Stakeholder Alignment: ensure that everyone is on the same page and working towards common goals.

Measurable Results: access clear insights into the progress and success of each initiative.

Tackle transformation with complete confidence, knowing that you have a proven, effective, and strategic approach to drive your business forward.

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About us

For too long, effective change management was an enterprise-only thing. SMEs simply couldn’t afford it or it was just too hard, so they just had to do without.

But Target State is here to change that.

Based in Brisbane, we’re a specialist consulting firm, founded with the express purpose of providing enterprise-grade change management services to SMEs.

Target State Founder - Andrew Beaumont
Andrew Beaumont
Managing Director

Whether you have 2 employees or 2,000, you can now take advantage of the specialised change management practices that, for decades, have enabled large enterprises to successfully deliver complex transformations and realise nuanced strategy.

Why are we able to do this? Because times have changed. And technologies have changed. It’s now possible for an experienced change managers to build out a proprietary suite of templates and repeatable processes that can be applied to virtually any business. (Just as a help desk can develop tools and employ tried-and-tested work practices to fix even the most complex computer problems quickly and efficiently.)

These efficiencies dramatically reduce the marginal costs of conducting the same kind of analyses and producing the same kind of deliverables, time after time, which means we can tailor our fees to your budget.

So there’s no longer any need to pay millions of dollars for change management functions or one-off (usually unaccountable) contractors.

The Open Group Enterprise Architecture and Axelos Managing Successful Programmes certified, we’ve worked with public, private and not-for-profit organisations across all industries. We’ve successfully delivered hundreds of projects, and have had leadership involvement in programmes worth tens of millions of dollars.

We’re practical, logical, respectful, curious, sensitive, precise, insightful, proactive and culturally aware. And, once engaged, we consider ourselves your strategic partner, not just your service provider. Our goal is always to provide direction you can trust, and to enable your organisation to seize the opportunities before it, while also mitigating any associated risks.

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